Friday, July 12, 2013

Hike-a-thon History

I thought I would fill you guys in on a little Hike-a-thon History. My first Hike-a-thon was in 2005 and I did not even take photos!! I did hike 45 miles and raise $900. And I wrote up my adventures on my website.

The following year in 2006, I did take a few photos. And this was the year that I started my "Amanda from Seattle" blog, so there were lots of blog entries, although the best one is probably Beach Logs Can Kill!! Beach Logs Can Kill!!
I hiked 45 miles again and raised  $1,181
In 2007, August started with my car giving out while my sister and I were camping on the Olympic Peninsula!!  But I was still able to hike 50 miles and raise $1, 005 dollars.  2008 was memorable for my hike along The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Walk in London. And I was able to hike 50 miles again, which seems to be my steady contribution!! We raised $1,600 that year!!

One of my favorite Hike-a-thon years was 2009, when my sister and I went camping at Fort Stevens. I hiked 54 miles that year and raised $1, 425.  2010 was memorable because Ryan was thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail that year. I hiked 50 miles AGAIN and raised $1, 120.  2011 was my first ever backpacking trip! Here in Washington State at the Baker River Trail. We raised $1, 175 dollars and I hiked, you guessed it, 50 miles!! Last Year, I was scrambling to get my miles in because I took a break to fly out to Paris with Ryan while he continued on to start his Camino de Santiago hike! But I did make it to 52 miles and we raised $1, 075 dollars. This year, we had to scrap plans to go to Colorado. Too many wildfires threatening the Colorado Trail. Now, Ryan plans to hike the Wonderland Trail around Mount Rainier.

 I have lots of Seattle layovers to hike around the Puget Sound area and later in the month we hope to go on a camping trip here in Washington.
Please consider making a donation this year, no amount is too small!! Just follow the link posted below. Thanks so much!!

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