Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st backpack trip EVER!

This week I started out with a little hike in Bellevue at Kelsey Creek Park along the Lake to Lake trail. Earth Corps folks were out there doing repair work on a couple of turnpikes. Just 1 mile to add to my total. Like I have been saying, every little bit helps and one mile a day can add up to at least 31 miles by the end of August!! :-)

Then it was back to work and I was in SFO on a layover. My friend Lea and went out to Marin County and did some letterboxing.
Saw this little kitty cat graffiti on a fence post. I just love it!
Got a spooky one! And I had an egg cream ala Harriet the Spy. I got in a mile along the Bay Trail (mainly a bike trail) from Niven Park to Remillard Park, saw folks windsurfing! Awesome!!

Now about the famous backpack trip of the title. Believe it or not, I have never backpacked before now! Car camping, sure. Boat camping, yes. I have used the "hike in" spots at some campgrounds, but until Saturday night, I had never been more than a mile away from a motorized vehicle!! Ryan and I hiked in for 2.6 miles along the Baker River Trail (near Concrete, WA) to the Sulphide Campsite. Ryan cooked me a lovely dinner on his alcohol stove. It was a horrible mac and cheese, (he will never be buying that store brand again!)It was the thought that was lovely, the mac and cheese more like orange glue. The second day as we hiked back out, Ryan continued on the Baker Lake Trail around the lake for another 14 miles (can you see him on that bridge across the river?)
while I got in the car and drove around the lake to meet him at the other end. I hiked 1 mile on that end of the lake. So I am no longer a backpacker virgin. I carried my own gear and water 2. 6 miles into the back country! Starting out slow. We actually got the idea for the hike from a Hiking with Children book. I think I am ready for a 4 mile backpack hike now!! :-) I am just going to ease my way into this back country thing.

We've raised $811 for WTA hike-a-thon and I have hiked 29.7 miles.
You can still support both of us with our hike-a-thon for Washington Trails Association.
Our Team Page
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Ryan's Page

And you can read more about our adventures together on Ryan's blog at www.anotherlongwalk.com


Anonymous said...

Forget the glue... next time tell him you want PIZZA.
- WalkinOrange

Funhog said...

Yay! I have a new backpacking buddy. Let's go! I'll bring the merlot.