Saturday, September 06, 2008

What your donations to WTA accomplish!

Hike-a-thon 2008 is now over and we have raised $1600 for Washington Trails. Just to let you know what your dollars can accomplish, WTA sent me a breakdown of how they use the money.

$25-$99 Can provide treats for a team of volunteers
$100-$249 Can Outfit a crew in hardhats
$250-$499 WTA can purchase 5 or more new trail tools
$500-$749 WTA can lead 1 annual maintenance trip on a popular trail
$750-$999 WTA can lead two rehabilitation work parties
$1,000+ WTA can restore 1 mile (or more) of backcountry trail

Last year Ryan participated in two work parties restoring trails in the backcountry. You can read about his adventures here:

Mt Adams work party

Alpine Lakes work party

Again thanks so everyone for your support. Come out to Washington and enjoy the trails that you have helped maintain through your contributions! I still have a few more days to collect all my pledges, so you can

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