Monday, August 29, 2011

If you are waiting til the last minute!!

For those folks who have been promising to donate something to Washington Trails, but just haven't gotten around to it yet, I just got this message from the WTA. Pledges made on Wednesday, August 31st will be MATCHED!

This week's fundraising tip: Your pledges go twice as far with a match!
Thanks to a group of generous donors, pledges made on August 31st will be matched dollar-for-dollar for the first $2,500 donated online that day!
So you know all those folks who said they would sponsor you but just haven't gotten around to it yet?? Well now's their chance to push you twice as far! (We'll take care of the matching dollars on our end as they will not be reflected in your fundraising thermometers.)

All pledges and forms must be received by the WTA office no later than September 9.

I was able to hike for 2 miles along the Alki trail between errands on Sunday, between grocery shopping, hardware store, storage unit etc.

Then on Monday, I did 2 miles on the White River Trail in Auburn and another 2 miles on the Green River/Cedar River Trail in Maple Valley. Finding 11 letterboxes on both days!

Tuesday I have an appointment to get my hair cut, etc. So I hope I can get a mile in or I might just be out there at the last minute on Wednesday hiking 4 miles to make my goal!!

So far we have raised $1, 175 and I have hiked 46 miles!! Only 2 days left and only 4 more miles for me to reach my 50 mile goal!!

You can still support Ryan and me with our hike-a-thon for Washington Trails Association. The website will be accepting pledges through September 9th.
Our Team Page
Amanda's Page
Ryan's Page

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Anonymous said...

Happy Trails to you guys! Congratulations, on surpassing your goal! Just made my donation, hopefully it will help WTA.
love, kim