Friday, August 08, 2008

Cougar Mtn hiking and What's an LTC?

So far I have hiked 16.6 miles for the WTA. The other day I went hiking for hike-a-thon at Cougar Mountain near Issaquah, WA. This is a wonderful hiking area right here in Seattle's backyard. I hiked 4 miles along several trails: Wildside, Marshall's Hill, De Leo Wall, Indian, Red Town and Rainbow Town trails. I planted a letterbox while I was there and I am only going to have it available as a WOM (word of mouth) clue. The clue will be available on an LTC for letterboxers who contribute to my WTA hike-a-thon fundraising. So what is an LTC? LTC stands for Letterboxer Trading Card. It is like a baseball card for letterboxers! But more like an ATC (Art Trading Card) ATC's are artistic expressions on a baseball card sized canvas. The Letterboxer Trading Card utilizes the rubberstamp images that are so popular with letterboxers and combined with drawings in ink, painting, scrapbooking, collaging, glitter, glue etc etc etc you get a unique little work of art. My WOM LTC will also have the clue to The Leo Wall letterbox on the back.

To donate to the Washington Trails Association Hike-a-thon, just click on the following link:
My WTA Fundraising Page

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