Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Last Mile

I woke up Tuesday with only one more mile to hike to make my goal of 50 miles for hike-a-thon. I had thought of going over towards the East of Seattle to hike a really interesting trail, Snoqualmie Falls, or Rattlesnake Ledge maybe. Or perhaps North up to Whidbey Island and hike something at Ebey's Landing or Deception Pass. Well, I got up late because I had flown in from Philly the day before and we were late as usual. And I made the mistake of getting on the computer to take care of some things that needed to be done. Paying Bills and Listing things to sell on Ebay and answering Emails from the past week...etc etc

And the day just slipped away from me. Now it was too late to drive across to Snoqualmie Falls or up to Whidbey Island. I would have to think of a mile close to home that I could quickly get to and hike. Of course, there is always the Alki Beach trail! The trail along the beach here in West Seattle. It is always interesting. It has wonderful signs and images in the pavement and on posts all along the trail. For example, this photo is of an image of a black bear on the pavement and the writing reads:
"The black bear, smallest of the three north american bears, measures only 3 feet high and 5 feet long but weighs 200 to 500 lbs. Bears eat fish, rodents and plants. Outside Alaska, the Pacific Northwest has the largest population of black bears in the U.S."

You can get lots of interesting information from walking around Alki! Maybe that is why Ryan is so smart, he reads the plaques along Alki Beach.
So I quickly walked my mile and came back to write up this blog and then it is off to work (Madrid tomorrow).
Miles Hiked: 50
Pledges: $1105
Pounds Lost: 7
Don't forget to get your pledge in to me by September 3rd!
Thanks so much

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