Thursday, August 30, 2007

2000 Letterbox finds!

I am starting the month of September only 5 letterboxes away from 2000! Wow, what a milestone. I thought to myself, I really should make the 2000th box a really neat one. It should be very special....So I have a little while to think this over and I am going to ask for advice from all of you. What letterbox do you think should be my 2000th find?

I don't plan to make any special trips out of Washington State for the next 5 letterboxes, but I will entertain the idea of letterboxes as far away as Portland, OR or Vancouver, BC, Canada, maybe even Spokane, WA.

One box that I have thought of doing for 2000, is the Mailbox Ho! letterbox --it is on Mailbox Peak outside of Seattle and this is a very challenging hike. I know that Ryan would want to come with me to do it. And it would be very challenging for me.

but I am looking forward to what letterboxes you folks think would be worthy of find Number 2000!

Amanda from Seattle


The Yorkshire Tortoise said...

Gosh, how exciting - 2000! I think you need to fly into Robin Hood Airport and come and do the Atlas Quest Box on the North York Moors :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a no-brainer! There is beer money in the box for the first finder...and no finders listed. That would be my choice!

Way to go, Amanda!

Anonymous said...

I think you should hop on a plane and get:


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'd heard some about that box, including what you told me, but have never read the directions. If you can manage it, you deserve it, and what a fantastic 2000th find, too! I'd be interested to hear a report on the hike from somebody. What will your other four of the five be, though? And will you leave a hitchhiker? haha...


Amanda from Seattle said...

I am going to be in San Francisco just after Labor Day Weekend Holiday and I hope to go letterboxing there! Could get #2000 that day.


Amanda from Seattle said...

Oh my, Ecuador! Ryan would like that one! But I don't plan to leave the USA for this find, maybe for #3000 or even #2500 :-)


Anonymous said...

I hear Sound Waves in SF is very nice, very cool spot. I will find out soon enough, but it should be well worth your build up to 2K.