Saturday, March 11, 2017

Amanda Arkebauer in CUBA !

"This was taken in the courtyard at Morro Castle." "Mr Sewell from San Antonio, TX" and my father George Arkebauer aged 15 months. "The dog belongs to the soldiers" (at the Fort).
In November of 1937, My Grandmother, Amanda Arkebauer took my father, who was then 15 months old and traveled to Havana, Cuba from Fort Wayne, Indiana. All I know about that visit are from these photos that were in a photo album I inherited when my Grandmother died.   Two of the photos had captions on them. The above photo of Mr. Sewell from San Antonio, TX ( who it is written, carried my father around all day) and the photo below of Margaret and my Dad on the roof gardens of the Plaza Hotel. I am not sure who Margaret is....but I was in Salt Lake City at the Genealogy Center there and I found the records from when they returned from this trip to Cuba.  Among the passengers is Margaret Nixon from Akron, Ohio and I imagine that that is who this Margaret is. Unfortunately, everyone who could tell me more about this trip and these photos is deceased. 

"Margaret and Sonny on the roof gardens of the Plaza Hotel in Havana"

My Grandmother, Amanda Arkebauer, is in the center with the white purse, Margaret on the left, Mr Sewell from San Antonio, TX on the right behind my Dad and I have no idea who the other woman is in their party.

Next week, Ryan and I are traveling to Havana, Cuba. I hope to follow in the footsteps of my Grandmother and infant father and visit the Morro Castle and the Plaza Hotel. And my message to everyone is, talk to your parents and grandparents NOW. Go through their photo albums and get the information now, who are these people? Because when they are gone, all you will have are photos of people that you do not know and the stories behind the photos will be lost. I am lucky that two of the photos had a lot of information scrawled on the back of them. 
Amanda Arkebauer and George Arkebauer Cuba 1937
The manifest I found in Salt Lake City with my Grandmother and Father returning to Miami from Cuba in November of 1937 

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