Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday's Postcard 2015: North Carolina

I grew up in North Carolina, so it always holds a special place in my heart.   In 1903 the Wright Brothers made the first successful powered flight by man at Kill Devil Hill near Kitty Hawk. The Wright Memorial at Kitty Hawks now commemorates their achievement. The first English colony in America was located on Roanoke Island. Walter Raleigh founded it. The colony mysteriously vanished with no trace except for the word "Croatoan" scrawled on a nearby tree. The first English child born in America was born in Roanoke in 1587. Her name was Virginia Dare. The Lost Colony Outdoor Drama in Albemarle, commemorates the birth of Virginia Dare. Scheduled to run just one year, it proved so successful that it has played for nearly sixty consecutive summers.

A Big Thank You goes out to Barb, Lynda and Gretchen who are the latest to donate to our Hike-a-thon this year! Still looking for my $5 folks to chip in again. You don't need to give big bucks to help make a big difference.
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