Monday, August 31, 2015

Hike-a-thon derailed this year....

Such a bummer, our hike-a-thon this year was not as successful as in years past. Ryan finished up the Appalachian Trail and then flew off to Switzerland to hike the Tour de Mont Blanc. And I was touring around the Baltic in Estonia and Russia for most of the month. So we did not get to do a lot of campaigning for donations. Ryan got in a lot of miles, but I did not.

Then I twisted my ankle on my last day in Russia and did not get to do any more mileage for hike-a-thon this August.So we are not quite to our goal of $1000 for Washington Trails. But we still have a few more days for fundraising. So for any of you folks who were waiting til the last minute, this is your last chance to help out Washington Trails and contribute to Hike-a-thon 2015!

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This is not how I twisted my ankle, although it could have been!!


Ryan on top of Katahdin

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