Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hiking in Estonia, Helsinki and St. Petersburg

Open Air Museum in Tallinn, nice trails, but no names :-)

Folk Dancing at the Open Air Museum

Along the streets of Tallinn

Well, I am kind of disappointed. I thought I could go on vacation and the pledges for Washington Trails Hike-a-thon would just keep coming in during my absence, but that was not the case. Also, unfortunately, my mileage that I racked up in Eastern Europe did not count towards my hike-a-thon goals because they just don't have many named trails in Estonia, Finland and Russia!
I got this information off of the internet, so you know it must be true....LOL Estonians do not consider walking to be a sport and make fun of it being a part of Olympics.
Wearing reflectors is mandatory in Estonia: please be sure to attach one to your clothing as well as to your backpack.
I bought a snowflake shaped reflector! 

In Finland, there were some "trails" around the city for cross-country skiing, but they were not named, nor were there obvious signposts.

No holding hands in Helsinki!!

Lovely trails at the open air museum in Helsinki

Dinner in the Sky in Helsinki

And in St. Petersburg, Russia, we were in a very urban part of the city. Very manicured and groomed parks and esplanades, but no trails.

A canal at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg

Crowds at the Hermitage

Away from the Crowds at Peterhof, but no name trail

I was on a Rick Steve's Tour of Tallinn, Helsinki and St. Petersburg and we did a LOT of walking. I averaged over 10 miles a day. My fitbit was very happy with me!

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Ryan said...

Everyone makes fun of walking being in the Olympics--not just Estonians! =)