Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Edward Gorey Spool rack Necklace Holder

I just recently visited the Edward Gorey House in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. One of the things that impressed me in the house was a spool rack that Mr. Gorey used to hold his necklaces. He was quite Mod in his fashion sense and had many necklaces and he kept them on an Antique Spool Rack.

I was inspired. I hope to find an antique spool rack one day, but until then. I happened upon a rack at JoAnn's Fabrics yesterday and decided to give the whole concept a try first. Here is a spool rack being used for it's intended purpose.
I think I will be very happy at how this keeps my necklaces untangled and on display! I also put some bracelets on there and I have plenty of space for more necklaces too!!
This would be great to hang on the wall in your bathroom as I have done or in your bedroom or closet! And even though this is a new rack and not an antique one, I am pretty happy with the way it looks.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for the photos.
Great idea - I've been looking for a better way to keep them all straight.

Liz Henderson (Hendel D'bu) said...

this is awesome! My sweetie bought me a really cool "key rack" made of different exotic woods for the same purpose - I love it! Thanks for sharing a great idea :-)