Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gotta get 15.5 miles in only 4 days!!

A rainy Thursday at home in Seattle and I hiked 3 miles at Saltwater State Park while home on a layover. I need to do 15.5 miles before the end of the month to make my goal of 60 miles this month. That does not sound like much, but I only have 4 days budgeted between working to do it. So I have to average 4 miles a day for those 4 days. Piece of cake you say?? I think it is definitely doable for me. Oh and Ryan and I need to raise another $180

I spent Friday in North Carolina between trips and did not expect to do any hiking. But to my surprise while out shopping with my stepmom, I saw this greenway trail just across the street from the shopping center. So while she was busy in Stein Mart, I was able to add a mile to my mileage total!!! Woo hoo

Sunday back in Seattle for a layover and I dashed over to Dash Point State Park and did 4 and 1/2 miles on multiple trails. Once you get away from the beach, there is a vast network of mountain biking/hiking trails. This being a gorgeous, sunny Sunday, there were a lot of folks on the trails. Happy to say that the mountain bikers were very courteous to the lowly hikers in their midst!!

On Monday I was able to do 5 miles on the Soos Creek Trail in Kent!

Tuesday was another gorgeous day and I did 2 miles at Lincoln Park on the Beach trail and the Bluff trail.

Ryan and I are still asking for pledges to contribute for the protection and maintenance of Washington State Trails. We just need another $180 to make our goal of $1,500. Please consider making a donation, no amount is too small.  Just follow the link posted below. Thanks so much!!

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