Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Last Week of Hike a thon 2020

 It was a busy week the last week of Hike-a-thon. I was doing trail magic for Ryan on his Pacific Northwest Trail hike over on the Olympic Peninsula, but I was able to take some time for myself and get in 2 miles at the Fort Townsend State park on the Bluff Trail, the Historical Walk and the Trillium Trail. 

Terrific information on the Historical Walk

Bit of a view

Trails were empty (Good during Covid times)

I also did 2 miles at Mount Walker. I did it the easy way and hiked the 2 miles down hill from the viewpoint at the top to the trailhead at the bottom. 

No views at the north viewpoint this morning!

But the trails were sunny

Downhill all the way

A splash of color

I have a total of 17 miles this year, but stay tuned, I am doing my first ever solo back-packing trip 3 days and 2 nights September 5-7 and I will be blogging about it 

Thank you to my donors this week:  Anonymous, Alisa and Tom

If you want to make a last minute donation, you will have to do it online for it to count. Anything mailed now will not get here in time.  I just need 10 more donations of 10 dollars to meet my goal. 
You can click on this link to go to my WTA fundraiser page to make that donation!

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