Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Hike-a-thon 2020 As usual, I am such a clutz!!

I started out this week on a layover in Fort Worth, TX. I had never been to Fort Worth before, so I was excited to visit and I saw that they had some trails that went right through downtown along the Trinity River, so I decided to hike along there for hike-a-thon.  I tripped on a sidewalk and wiped out. damaged my left leg and twisting my right ankle. Yuck!! But I did get in 2 miles along the Trinity River Trails before my mishap. 

I came home to do trail magic for Ryan on his Pacific Northwest Trail hike and I did some easy short hikes near Concrete, WA. I did a half a mile on the Shadow of the Sentinels Trail 

Then I did 2 miles on the Cascade Trail which is a rail trail that parallels Highway 20

Nice flat rail trail

Taking a break on the Cascade Trail

I also did 1 mile on the Pomona Grange Park Trail near Burlington, WA.

 So my grand total so far this month is only 7 miles!! However, my ankle is healing up nicely and I hope to do some more mileage while I am in Denver, CO this weekend! And again in the PNW when I return to do more trail magic for Ryan next week. 

Thank You so much to my latest donors. Karen, Kathy, Suzi and Harry, and Angele! You guys ROCK

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