Saturday, July 27, 2019

On the Way to Glacier NP

So I was sick all last week and miserable, but I dragged myself out of bed today to take Ryan out to Glacier National Park to start his hike of the Pacific Northwest Trail.  We drove out from Seattle and stopped at the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park along the way. 

There are Petroglyphs that were saved, they would have been underwater once the Columbia River was dammed, so they removed them and they are now on display at the Gingko Petrified State Forest now. 

I will be participating in the WTA Hike-a-thon during the entire month of August. Ryan will be hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail from Montana (Glacier National Park) all the way to the Pacific Ocean on the Olympic Peninsula and I will be joining him for a few days and also doing day hikes around Seattle on layovers.

I hope I can count on all of  you guys again this year for support. Any amount from $1 to $100 is welcome.
You can click on this link to go to my WTA fundraiser page

or you can send me a check (made out to WTA (Washington Trails Association) or just a dollar in the mail would be very welcome. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported this cause in the past and hopefully again this year!

to: Amanda Arkebauer PO Box 16131 Seattle, WA  98116

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