Saturday, August 13, 2016

Urban Hiking around Seattle

So glad to be back home in Seattle to get in a few miles on my home turf. My first day back I did one mile at Lincoln Park on the Beach and Bluff Trails. It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon in West Seattle, as you can see from this photo.
Fauntleroy Ferries coming and going

August 9th found me checking out the new extension of the Des Moines Creek Trail. This trail is always on my hike-a-thon list because it is very close to the airport and easy for me to just hop over and do a mile or two. Unfortunately, there is all sorts of road construction (or is it construction for the Light Rail??) Anyway it was difficult to get to the North End of the Des Moines Creek Trail where I usually park and walk from, so I drove on down to what I consider the new END of the Trail at Des Moines Beach Park and I parked there and hiked back up towards the airport.
The Beach at the End of the Des Moines Creek Trail

The water treatment plant, worst part of Des Moines Creek Trail
The trail used to end here at the water treatment plant, but now you get to go around it and down to the Beach!! Very cool in my opinion. I only did 2 miles on the Des Moines Creek Trail. When I reached the water treatment plant, I turned around and headed back to the Beach. By the way, there were crowds of people wandering around the Beach Park with their cell phones out, so I think it was a big Pokeman Go spot.  Myself and a lone bicyclist were the only ones who left the beach area and headed out on the trail !! LOL

Dragonfly Pavilion

Longfellow Creek

After a few days at work and time spent by the pool in Las Vegas, I came home and did 3 miles on the Longfellow Creek Trail in West Seattle. Another "go to" trail for me. The Longfellow Creek trail is in my "backyard" here in West Seattle and I usually include it for Hike-a-thon every year.

So far I only have 18.5 miles for hike-a-thon, but Ryan and I have raised $599 for Washington Trails! Our goal is $1500,,,,,,so we still have about 900 dollars to go....I just need 900 of you guys reading this to send in one dollar each!! Send us a dollar!! For Washington Trails!!

For those of you who are supporting Ryan and me for the WTA hike-a-thon this year, Here is the link to our donation page! Hike-a-thon    Many thanks to Ray, Gwen, JT and Steve for their donations this week!!

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