Thursday, August 18, 2016

Training for the Camino!

At the end of the summer, I am going to meet Ryan in Portugal and walk with him to Santiago, Spain on the Portuguese Route of the Camino de Santiago.  So I have been "in training" getting used to a new backpack and carrying more weight than I usually carry while hiking.  Luckily, I don't have to carry a lot because we will be staying in albergues (hostels) and we will be walking through towns everyday, so I don't have to carry several weeks worth of food and water. Nor do I need to carry a tent or extensive sleeping bags etc. 

My Portuguese phrase book, Camino Map and my Credential 

Just an oversized day pack really!
On the Green River Trail for Hikeathon

Green River Trail on a Sunny Sunday

So on Sunday, August 14th, I did 4 miles on the Green River Trail wearing my Camino Backpack.

On Monday, August 15th I traveled over to Bellevue to hike around the Mercer Slough Nature Trails. I did the Heritage Trail, The Bellefields Trail and the Lake to Lake Trail for a total of 2 miles of hiking. 
Lots of folks out on the water trail today!!

Flowering shrubs near the boardwalk

Unfortunately, the Blueberry Farm Farmstand is CLOSED on Mondays. So I did not get to pick any blueberries (although I did notice that some folks were just walking in and picking some for themselves anyway) or purchase any produce for my dinner. I had to go to the Safeway Grocery Store instead. Not much fun in that.

August 16th found me at Seward Park in Seattle. I hiked for 2 miles around this park in the city on the loop trail and Sqebeqsed Trail
Seward Park

Gorgeous Afternoon

I wish I could have gone in the water

August 17th Dash Point Park, 2 more miles!!  The backpack is just second nature to me now. I think it will work out splendidly in Portugal.

evidence of logging in Dash Point Park

The Beach at Dash Point Park

Container ship headed for the Port at Tacoma

I've done 28.5 miles so far this month and we have raised $739 dollars!!  Thanks so much to Angele!! They finally credited your donation!

For those of you who are supporting Ryan and me for the WTA hike-a-thon this year, Here is the link to our donation page! Hike-a-thon    Many thanks to  for their donations this week!!

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Anonymous said...

We were in Santiago earlier this year and of course the plaza was full of pilgrims. The church is really something to behold! (If you find the link to video Ryan foot during the service that only begins to describe the end of the trek.)

di and her guy