Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Last hike-a-thon hikes for 2021

 Wow, so I made my goal of 31 miles (actually got 31.5! LOL) for one mile a day for the month of August.  My last two hikes were here in the Seattle area not too far from home. I did 2 miles on the Longfellow Creek Trail. I do this trail pretty much every year for hike-a-thon because it is so close to my house. 

Then the next day I did 3 miles on the Green River Trail in Kent, WA because it is nice and flat. I parked at the Neely-Soames Historic Homestead. It is a pioneer home with a garden representing what the pioneers would have planted. 

The Green River Trail runs right by the Homestead

Part of my hike went by a golf course! Be on the lookout for balls!!

This is a pedestrian bridge over the Green River, I went up to see what everyone was looking at....Salmon in the river, running upstream to spawn!

The salmon were negotiating this little bit of "rapids" 

See the Salmon??!!

Thanks so much to Gretchen, Mark and Donna for their contributions! There is still some time if you have not donated yet. The cut off date is September 7th.  So you can still follow this link (or cut and paste)  It has been a good year and I was very happy with all my hikes and that I did not twist an ankle this year!! 


Thank You again!

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