Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June 2020 Books I read

Prague by Arthur Phillips I do not recommend. maybe it is because I am reading this during the whole corona virus thing, but I thought it was elitist and it was just about spoiled white people living in Buda or Pest and being assholes. 
Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver  (audio book) Loved it and loved the environmental message
The Trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon part mystery, part coming of age set in 1970's England. I really enjoyed it. Highly recommend
Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham Memoir in the form of little essays by the actress from the Gilmore Girls. She has a BA in English and wrote another book, so I am going to have to look for it! 
The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle fabulous movie with Helen Mirren and Ian McKellan and the book was very good as well. Lots of twists and turns. I had seen the movie first. so I knew what to expect in the book, but it was still a pleasure to read. 
Heartburn by Nora Ephron again, because I was reading this during corona virus times....I thought it was a little entitled.  Get over it. was what I was thinking a lot. 
The Case of the Blonde Bonanza by Erle Stanley Gardner fun mystery about an attractive woman who is getting paid to gain weight--yeah, something fishy going on there!! LOL
Devils Tower Stories in Stone by Mary Alice Gunderson I always buy books like these when I visit National Parks and Museums. I have a huge collection. So since I have not been able to visit a library in a while, I am delving into my stash. A nice collection of the geology,  history and mythology surrounding Devils Tower. 
Idolmaker by Jonelle Patrick I am enjoying these mysteries set in Japan. The details of modern Japan are fun. In this one, an earthquake and tsunami provide more atmosphere in addition to the regular foreignness
They Thought They Were Free by Milton Mayer an amazing book about the average German folks during the Nazi regime. Why they joined the Nazi Party, Why they really did not know what was going on, or just ignored what was going on in their country. The scary part is that you can see so many parallels in what is happening in the USA today. 
The Long Tomorrow by Leigh Brackett dystopian novel about a world where after the "destruction" no city can exist of more than one thousand people. (how does this seem to be so current right now???!!) 
The Crow Trap by Ann Cleeves The British TV show Vera is based on these books. I quite enjoyed it and will be happy to read more (and I have actually never watched an episode of Vera, but I need to do that now too!) 
So Much for That by Lionel Shriver I am a fan of Lionel Shriver and this book is no exception. Here she takes on Cancer and healthcare and retirement.  
Force of Nature by Jane Harper 

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