Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Books I read in October 2018

The photo above is art made by Jane Mount and you can purchase prints of her work and even create a customized bookshelf for yourself. Just go to her website:  Ideal bookshelf

Bring Me Back by B A Paris (library) I figured this one out pretty early in the story. A psychological thriller, but pretty predictable.
The Aftermath by Rhidian Brook (library) story of an English family during the rebuilding of Germany after WWII. Very good
The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy (library) I did a tour of some downtown Los Angeles sites that pertained to the Black Dahlia murder and I am reading more about it, this is a fictionalized account, but it really makes the mystery come to life.
Feed by Mira Grant (library) Zombie horror type thing, it was okay.
Too High and Too Steep by David B Williams (library) about the reshaping of the Seattle topography, when the city was the frontier. Ryan and I did a walking tour (from a book by the same Author) and walked around the area of the Denny Regrade
The Girl in the Green Raincoat by Laura Lippman (library) murder mystery that first ran as a serial in the New York Times. Very enjoyable
Caught by Harlen Coben (audiobook) thriller I listened to in the car. I enjoy Harlen  Coben's stuff and this one was good.
The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg.   It was okay.  Not like her other stuff.   It was a fictionalized account of the life of George Sand.  So unless you are a George Sand fan, I probably wouldn’t recommend it. 
Scavenger by David Morrell
Cuba Strait by Carston Stroud (audiobook) thriller about spies in Cuba

To be Read:
Tekwar by William Shatner
Treacherous is the Night by Anna Lee Huber
Transcription by Kate Atkinson
Dear Mrs. Bird by A J Pearce
Waterway: The Story of Seattle's Locks and Ship Canal by David B Williams

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