Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Ornaments

My friend Pam made this Nancy Drew Ornament for me!

I bought these tatted ornaments in Virginia at a craft fair

My friend, Lea gave me this Sherlock Holmes Ornament. 
I bought this ornament at a Craft Show in Bothell, WA. It represents Ryan on my tree

This ornament is made from Grits! I got it in Georgia when Ryan was doing the AT in 2015

This little beauty came from Maine in 2015

Another state represented from Ryan's 2015 AT Thru Hike I got this covered bridge ornament in New Hampshire

This is a Lilliput Lane ornament. My mom collected these little houses and my sister and I got rid of the collection, but I kept this little ornament to put on my Christmas tree to remind me of my mom. 


Anonymous said...

I love ornaments with history.
The Christmas episode of Days of Our Lives makes me cry every year when they hang the ornaments and talk about everyone and sometimes show a little clip of them.
(I started with Days from just about day one.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I've not been on AQ much etc. Nor following yours or Ryan's blogs.
But, these ornaments are such a glimpse of you both. Thank
you so much.
Have a great New Year!
Belcarra BC