Monday, March 07, 2016

Monday's Postcard 2016: Brussels Sprouts

I am not a fan of Brussels Sprouts, so some people think it is funny to send me postcards that feature this vegetable.


Unknown said...

try Brussels Sprouts like this
one head cauliflower
one pile of brussels sprouts (pile because you may want more or less than someone else)
one large onion - I like vadalia or white
taragon, salt, pepper and/or any other taste you prefer

break cauliflower into bite sized bits
shred the brussels sprouts
chop the onion into bite size bits or longer strings - however you prefer

put it all together in a pot and cook until it makes you happy, tenderness wise.

yeah, that's how I cook.
easy peeze

Anonymous said...

I've hated brussel sprouts for years, but I got them in the deli at HEB one day. The way they had cooked them just looked so good! When I got home to my home state, I tried replicating the recipe and it turned out so good, I can't wait to have them, again.

Shred the brussel sprouts thin. Add raisins or dried cranberries and diced pecans in olive oil. Sprinkle this with a bit of garlic powder depending on how much you like garlic powder. I forgot to add it, but next time, I'm adding a dash of Worchestershire sauce and a pinch or two of brown sugar.

Wonder how many brussel sprout recipes you are going to get?