Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hike-a-thon 2015 is coming up soon!!

It's that time of year again. Starting August 1st, I will be taking to the trails to raise money for the WTA. First of all, thanks to everyone who supported Ryan and me last year for the Washington Trails Association hike-a-thon.
This year, Ryan is finishing up the Appalachian Trail in Maine and then he will be flying to Europe to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc through Switzerland, Italy and France. I will be on a trip to Estonia, Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia and I don't know how much actual hiking I will get to do, but I will be walking for much of that trip and any time at home will be hiking trails around Seattle. 

Washington Trails Association is the state's most active group serving the hiking community. The WTA recruits over 2,000 volunteers annually to help repair and maintain our trails, they advocate on behalf of hikers for trail funding and protection, and they publish informative resources both in print and online that help hikers get out on trail more often. We are seeking pledges for hike-a-thon. You can pledge a flat donation or an amount per mile. All donations are tax deductible. And every little bit helps! Last year I had several pledges of $3 to $5, It all adds up. *For a contribution of $40 or more, sponsors are eligible for Washington Trails Association membership. We have blogs on the internet detailing our hiking adventures, and as well as a webpage on the WTA website

   If you don’t want to donate via credit card on the website, checks can be made out to WTA and sent to me at the address below. Thanks so much for any help you can provide! Amanda Arkebauer, PO Box 16131, Seattle, WA 98116

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