Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday's Postcard: Mysteries

I am especially fascinated with cards that depict things that no longer exist, like the "Gunther's Observation Tree" in Burien, WA and this rock formation called "The Snarling Tiger" in Puget Sound, WAI have tried to research and find out about the Snarling Tiger with no luck. However, there are a few references to Gunther's Observation Tree

The Observation Tree postcard is used and the postmark is for 1915. The Snarling Tiger postcard is unused and in excellent condition, but it is hard to pinpoint it's age. It has an undivided back which leads me to believe it is at least pre 1907. If anyone out there has any information about the snarling tiger rock formation on Puget Sound, please let me know!

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