Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shakespeare and the PCT

I spent a few days in Ashland, OR providing trail magic at a couple of different trailheads for the Pacific Crest Trail and shuttling Ryan back and forth to the PCT for some slack-packing. Our first day there, I hiked out from Lithia Park behind the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Theater and did 2 1/2 miles on some mountain biking trails. (the TID and BTI trails...Talent Irrigation Ditch trail and Bicycle Technologies International--the trails were much more scenic than they sound....) I did pick up a few hitch-hikers on my shoes and socks!

I would drop Ryan off and pick him up again at places where the PCT crossed the road. Usually, I would set up a cooler and have some snacks for any other thru-hikers who happened to come by while I was waiting. On this day, 7 thru-hikers came by while I was waiting on Ryan. Hurricane, Motor, Plain Slice and Little Engine are in the photo with Ryan. Also Smiles, Shrooms and Max Chill arrived soon after this photo was taken. I was also able to sneak in 2 miles on the PCT myself!

Ryan and I had driven through Ashland many times, but had never stopped to see a play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We finally scored some tickets and were able to see Henry IV, Part I. Our first choice was a comedy, Twelfth Night, but it wasn't showing on the night that we could attend. So our next best choice was Henry IV, Part I. Which actually was quite entertaining. I took this photo before we were busted by the ushers. It seems that photos are not permitted in the venue, even when the play is still half an hour away!

The next day, I was able to do another mile and 1/2 on the PCT for hike-a-thon as I left Ryan to continue his hike towards Canada!

I am up to 25 miles hiked and Ryan and I together have raised $500 for the WTA!

Don't forget to check out Ryan's blog of his PCT adventures

as well as the webpage on the WTA website for our hike-a-thon stats

Amanda's WTA Pledge Page

I hope to hike at least 40 miles on my own at home, on my layovers at work and while joining Ryan on the PCT. If you don’t want to donate via credit card on the website, checks can be made out to WTA (Washington Trails Association) and sent to me at the address below. Thanks so much for any help you can provide!

Amanda Arkebauer, PO Box 16131, Seattle, WA 98116

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Miz Scarlet said...

I just saw Henry IV partI in London at the Globe just a few days ago. I was in Ashland a few years ago for the festival and would love to go back, it's a cute little town.