Monday, August 30, 2010

The last miles for Hikeathon 2010!

After my muddy experience doing urban hiking, I decided to get out in the wilds for my last 3 miles of Hike-a-thon 2010. I spent the end of August with Ryan, doing trail magic on the PCT and facilitating his zero days so we could go to a letterboxing gathering outside of Portland, OR.

Ryan had crossed The Bridge of the Gods and was finally in Washington State! We spend a lovely couple of days in Carson, WA at the Sandhill Cottages. Ryan did a day of slack-packing and on one of his zero days, while he spent the day catching up on the internet, I hiked 3 easy miles from the Panther Creek trailhead of the PCT. We were also busy planning his resupply points for the rest of the hike! He is only 450 miles from the Canadian border. However, some of the most remote hiking is ahead of him and we will be mailing food ahead to places where the only resupply would be the local gas station or mini mart.

We have made $1,120 for Washington Trails. So close to our goal of $1,500. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed! Now you have to get out and enjoy the trails you help to maintain. There is still time to get in a last minute donation to Washington Trails Association via their website

and my individual fund-raising page:

Thanks so much for everyone's help! It has been another fun year for Hike-a-thon!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Amanda, for the update -- and the "real time" report on Ryan's whereabouts... as you must know, we're reading his posts now about what was happening two months ago. Perhaps in the universe of Another Long Walk, he'll make it to the Canadian Border by Christmas. I'm so enjoying reading his BLOG, I don't mind stretching it out to enjoy it longer. Enjoy!!!