Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Carkeek Sculpture Trail

I met a friend on Monday at Carkeek Park in Seattle, where they have 6 miles of trails. I hiked around just about every one of those trails to add up to 5 miles! It is like a maze of up and down criss-crossing trails. North Bluff, South Bluff, North Meadow Hillclimb, Grand Fir, Wetland, Brick Road, South Ridge, Hillside, Big Rock, Salmon to Sound and Piper's Creek Trail!
Whew. Lots of steps! But I don't mind them soo much when I can take them downhill.

Carkeek Park is infamous in Seattle for a recent rail disaster that happened there....a pedestrian was killed on the train tracks this past June.

So take the Pedestrian overpass to the beach and stay off the train tracks!

We discovered that there is a sculpture exhibit going on at Carkeek Park now through August 10th. I took some photos of some of the sculptures that were on display throughout the park. If you are interested, get out there this weekend before they are gone, next Monday is the last day of the exhibit.

Sculpture Trail at Carkeek Park

Also my friend, Yvette, is a burlesque dancer/actress and her troupe is performing this month here in Seattle! August 14th and 15th at the Neighbors Underground Nightclub on Broadway, so here is a plug for that event!

Tempest Burlesque presents: Disco Gods

Thanks to everyone who has already gotten your money to me. So far I have $635 towards my goal of $1,000!

I will need to collect all money from my pledges by September 3, 2009. If you do not want to make a pledge by credit card to the website, checks can be made out to WTA (Washington Trails Association) and mailed to me and cash is always welcome.

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Jackie said...

Lovely pictures, I especially like the one with water and railroad tracks. I'm doing hike-a-thon too, (found your blog from the WTA email) and was looking for something close into seattle, Carkeek might be it! Thanks