Monday, August 17, 2009

Blackberries and Blueberries

Had to take Ryan to the airport on Saturday, so I was able to stop by Des Moines Creek Trail and get in 2 more miles for hike-a-thon. I always do a mile or more on the Des Moines Creek Trail each year. It is so close to the airport and so convenient for me. During previous years I was able to pick blackberries on this trail and the blackberry brambles still run rampant along this trail, however, this year the blackberries are not quite ripe yet.

On Monday when I got home from work, I decided to go out to Mercer Slough to see if the blueberries were ripe yet. The U-Pick was open, but the girl at the front warned me that the berries were sparse. She was right. I only got about a pint of blueberries before I gave up and decided to hike around the Slough on the Heritage Trail and Lake to Lake Trail. I got in another 2 miles for hike-a-thon.

So my mileage total is up to 41.5 miles and the pledges total is up to $923! only $77 dollars away from my goal of $1,000. Thanks to my USAirways buddies who have contributed over $400 towards that total!! You can still make donations on the WTA website, just click on this link:
Amanda's WTA Fundraising Page

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jamilo said...

Yummmy! I can almost smell the blackberry bushes. Cobbler, mmmm.

Good luck in your pledges.

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