Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Washington Trails Hike-a-thon 2009!

It's that time of year again. I am getting ready for the WTA Hike-a-thon. Studying trail maps and reading trip reports to pick some great trails to hike on in August and spreading the word to everyone I know to help raise money for Washington State Trails.

First of all, thanks to everyone who supported me in 2008 for the Washington Trails Association hike-a-thon. We raised over $1600! Ryan and I did some trail work this year at Mt. Rainier for Earth Day

and we saw first hand the amazing things that WTA accomplishes by rebuilding and repairing the trails every season. As usual, I will be hiking during the entire month of August, I hope to get in at least 50 miles. You can pledge a flat donation, such as $50 or an amount per mile, such as $1 per mile. Any contributions over $35 will be eligible for Washington Trails Association Membership. (With membership you receive a Washington Trails Magazine) and all donations are tax deductible. Every little bit helps! Last year I had pledges as low as 10 cents per mile or a flat $3. It all adds up. Just to let you know what your dollars can accomplish, WTA sent me a breakdown of how they use the money.

$25-$99 Can provide treats for a team of volunteers

$100-$249 Can Outfit a crew in hardhats

$250-$499 WTA can purchase 5 or more new trail tools

$500-$749 WTA can lead 1 annual maintenance trip on a popular trail

$750-$999 WTA can lead two rehabilitation work parties

$1,000+ WTA can restore 1 mile (or more) of backcountry trail

I will be updating my blog with all my hiking adventures and the WTA has a webpage for me to track my pledges:

You can donate directly through that page with your credit card. Or if you do not want to make a pledge by credit card to the website, checks can be made out to WTA (Washington Trails Association) and mailed to me. Of course, cash is always welcome.

Thanks so much!


Soup-a-Woman said...

You had me at "trails magazine."

Good luck this year!!

Carianna of the GG

Green Guillemot said...

Sounds great! Put me down for 50 cents a mile.

Amanda from Seattle said...

I know some of you have had problems accessing the donation page for the WTA hike-a-thon this year. They keep telling me that the bugs have been fixed, but some of you guys are still reporting that it is putting you in a loop from info page to donation and then back to the info page when you hit enter. WIth no confirmation that you sent a donation and no charge to your credit card.

Here is the "work around" that the girl in charge of the hike-a-thon (Kara Chin) has given me.

If you think it will be easier for them to make an online gift rather than write you a check, you can send them to the regular donation page. They can make a “special contribution” from there and put your name in the “tribute” area with “Hike-a-Thon” in the message box. I’ll know what to do with it when it comes through.


So sorry for the inconvenience! Of course if you like, you can just send me a check written out to WTA (Washington Trails Association) and send it along to me at:

Amanda Arkebauer
PO Box 16131
Seattle, WA 98116

Thanks so much for your patience!