Friday, March 06, 2009

Going Dutch

Ryan and I are getting ready to leave for our vacation to the Netherlands, Holland, the land of the Dutch, Amsterdam....all of the above.


I have been there several times before on layovers, but I haven't been into Amsterdam proper. I usually just hang around the layover hotel in the Hague near Scheveningen beach. My good friend, Jenny just moved to Holland last year and they live near the Hague, so we will be staying with them while we adventure around the country. So watch this space for information about our adventures in the land of Windmills, Tulips, Wooden Clogs, Anne Frank and Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates!


Anonymous said...

Keep your ears open - there are lots of carillons in the Netherlands. (Since you never get to any of the bell concerts here, maybe you'll hear some there instead!) Looking forward to reading about your adventures,
-Mama Bear

Liz Henderson (Hendel D'bu) said...

I visited Amsterdam briefly on a layover on my way to Israel - I found it charming and wonderful! We visited the Corrie ten Boom house, which was fascinating and worth the tour, especially if you have read the book 'The Hiding Place'.

Have a fun and safe trip, you guys! ~SHH :-)

Grumpy Grinch said...

My friend and I are on the lam
To visit lovely Amsterdam.
We'll stay with friends within The Hague;
But other plans are rather vague.
The lowland sights we plan to see:
Tulips, windmills, Zeider Zee,
And dikes that hold the raging sea.
For wooden shoes and edam cheese
We'll shop; and then we'll take our ease.
This lovely land our awe commands.
We're gobsmacked by the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

If you have a little free time, take a ride on the Spoorwegen down to Delft - a charming city. You'll need to change Spoorwegens in Leiden or Den Haag!

Le Bug

Holly said...

The company I support Ahold is HQed in the Netherlands. I work with a lot of the NL crew and I support some of their systems. I have never been but a few of my co-workers have. I understand it is a great time. Can't wait to read about your adventures. Have fun you two !

Talley Valley Farm Clan

Danny said...

You are going to love it! Take a canal tour in Amsterdam and make sure to see the Anne Frank house. We got to see cheese being made and wooden shoes being made too. Have a great time!

Marissa Dupont said...

You're going to have a great time! When I went I didn't expect to enjoy it at all since I didn't drink or anything at that point, but I LOVED it. I visited the Anne Frank house (definitely worthwhile). Unfortunately the Van Gogh museum was closed when I was there so I'll be so jealous if you go there! The city is so charming. It's like if you combined Venice and old school NYC and then squished things very small. You'll see what I mean! :D

Anonymous said...

According to our daughter who visited last year (she's always doing stuff WE haven't done yet!), the Anne Frank house is a must. Have a wonderful time!!

~~Doublesaj & Old Blue~~