Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Plans for Hike-a-thon 2008

It's that time of year again and I am getting excited about the WTA Hike-a-thon 2008. This year the group at WTA has created an individual webpage for me to keep track of my pledges which is really terrific. It lets you guys donate your money directly to WTA with your credit card. Of course, I will still have the blog for updates on my hiking mileage etc. And you can still send pledges to me, I will be collecting cash and checks to turn in at the end of August.
My WTA Hike-a-thon Fundraising Page

My sister is going to come to visit Seattle and we have a camping trip planned to the Olympic Peninsula, always one of my favorite places to hike. I also want to challenge myself to use more public transportation to get to hiking trails this year! I know I said last year that carless hiking was not for me, but with the price of gas in Seattle creeping towards the $5 a gallon mark, I think I might need to rethink that attitude. And it is certainly possible to take the city bus to hiking areas around urban Seattle. That will be a bit of a challenge and should add some local color to my adventures this year.

On the WTA website, I listed my goals as raising $1,000 and hiking 50 miles. I accomplished both of these goals last year so I am pretty confident that I can do it again this year, despite economic troubles and my couch potato tendencies. I hope I can count on everyone who contributed last year and I hope that we can convince some new folks to help out this year for a successful August hike-a-thon. And no car troubles and no black eyes. :-)

-Amanda from Seattle


Anonymous said...

I think the hike-a-thon sounds a great idea. Hope you manage to reach your target and more.

I felt really envious about your comment of gas heading towards $5 per gallon. I have just worked out that the £1.20 a litre I paid earlier this week is the equivalent of $8.40 per US gallon. Increasing fuel costs have really curtailed a lot of my activities recently. Any non-essential trip has to be carefully considered.

Dilton Martian

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

I took the bus yesterday to get your summer reading series at Camp Long. It wasn't efficient, but it's so freeing to letterbox without a car. Good Luck with your busing!


Anonymous said...

We supported Amanda last year and will again this year for the same amount. But we have a challenge for you letterboxers who haven't pledged yet: we'll increase our pledge by $10 for each letterboxer (up to 4) who has never supported Amanda's cause and pledges $25 or more. Come ON!!
~~Doublesaj & Old Blue~~

dianesteelequilts said...

We supported Amanda last year and will again this year. But we have a challenge for letterboxers: We'll increase our pledge by $10 for each letterboxer (up to 4) who pledges $25 or more who've never made a pledge before. Let's get some NEW people in on this good cause!!
~~Doublesaj & Old Blue~~

Amanda from Seattle said...

If you are a letterboxer and you donate directly to the WTA website with your credit card, please send me an email ---I have gotten a couple of donations that I cannot recognize! But I am sure the minute you tell me your trail name I will know who you are! :-) Thanks so much

Amanda from Seattle