Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Worldwide Hiking??!!

I was just reading the 2007 Hike-a-thon guidelines on the WTA website and I noticed that they have changed one of the criteria for the hikes. They now say that you can hike anywhere in the world, as long as it is a trail with a name. Well, this makes getting mileage logged a little simpler for me. Since I have to work during the month of August and my work takes me away from Seattle, it was a little more difficult to rack up the miles when I was restricted to only trails in Washington State. But if I can count hikes done on my layovers in other cities, then I can certainly hike 50 miles or more during the month of August.

My August schedule also includes trips to Brussels and Glasgow! I will be doing some research to see if I can find any named hiking trails that can count towards hike-a-thon near those cities!

Last year I was hiking around Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina for a week and the year before that I was in Connecticut for a week hiking during August! Adding those miles to my total would have really bumped up my numbers. So it looks like I will have no problems making a goal of 50 miles during the month of August this year.