Saturday, September 02, 2023

Hikeathon 2023: Wrap up

To wrap up hikeathon this year, I was able to complete 30 miles of hiking for the month! 

I hiked 4 miles on the Heritage Trail, Bellefields Trail and Lake to Lake Trail in Bellevue, WA. I got up before sunrise to beat the heat and the crowds. 

That red dot is the sun through the smokey haze of wildfires

I hiked 4 miles on the Bluff Trail at Montana De Oro State Park in Los Osos Oaks, CA

I hiked 1 mile on the Railroad Safety Trail in San Luis Obispo, CA

I hiked one mile on the Backbone Trail in Fullerton, CA

I want to thank everyone who contributed this year, we easily reached our $1000 goal!!

And I hope everyone can get out and enjoy our trails both remote and urban.
They are still accepting donations at the website until September 7th.

So, if you have not donated yet, you can still cut and paste this link to go to my WTA fundraiser page

Thanks again, Amanda

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