Monday, September 28, 2020

Postcards 2020 Wrightsville Beach Johnnie Mercer Pier

In the 1940's Atlantic View Pier was bought by Johnnie Mercer and renamed. . In 1954, Hurricane Hazel  destroyed the pier and it was rebuilt. These postcards are from the Heydays of Johnnie Mercer pier from the 1950's....until 1996 when Hurricane Bertha caused extensive damage, in the same year, Hurricane Fran destroyed the pier. The pier has since been rebuilt as the first all-concrete fishing pier in North Carolina. Johnnie Mercer reopened in 2002 with reinforced concrete pylons.

A reminder to folks who are fans of my postcard posts. Coming in 2021, I will be highlighting the cards that you guys send to me. So send me a postcard! And you will see it on the blog in 2021.  Amanda Arkebauer PO Box 16131 Seattle, WA  98116

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