Thursday, March 29, 2018

Australia 2018: Cockatoo Island

One of my favorite days that I spent in Sydney, I took the ferry over to Cockatoo Island.  Cockatoo Island reminds me of Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay. It has a long history from the days when the Aboriginal peoples used it as a base for fishing, until it's days as a shipyard and dockyard in the 1980's. Now it is the site of art installations and a location for filming movies, most notably, the recent film Unbroken. Cockatoo Island was transformed into the Japanese WWII camp for that movie.   In the 1800's the island was a prison. The buildings were constructed by the convicts. On the tour, just like touring Alcatraz in San Francisco, they have recordings from people who actually lived here when it was a prison, when it was a shipyard. So I highly recommend the audio tour.

The Rivercat Ferry like the one I took to Cockatoo Island

The buildings were constructed by convict labor

Glamping on Cockatoo Island for $200 dollars a night

The shipyards were in use up until the 1980's

Cafes and Bars on Cockatoo Island can keep you hydrated and fed on your day trip over to the island.

 A Young Henry's Cloudy Cider on a hot day hits the spot

Like Alcatraz, which was occupied by Native Americans in protest, Cockatoo Island was also occupied by an aboriginal group in 2000 for 4 months. 

At TV show currently was filming while I was there

art at Cockatoo Island

another art display at Cockatoo Island
Cockatoo Island can be done as a day trip from Sydney very easily. It is right in the harbor within sight of the bridge! Boats leave from Cingular Quay and from Barangaroo Wharf to Cockatoo all day long.

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