Thursday, December 14, 2017

2017 Christmas Ornaments

Many many of my ornaments come from my travels and since I don't stop traveling, I always have new ornaments for my Christmas Tree every year!     

From Yosemite, this was actually a keychain. I did not like any of their ornaments for sale in the shops or I thought they were too expensive, so I got this keychain and repurposed it! 

This fish from Portugal was also not a traditional ornament. I think it was meant to be a sachet for your closet or drawers. 

I did a lot of wine tasting in 2016 and this ornament was purchased during one of those trips. 

Now Shenandoah NP had some lovely Christmas Ornaments! It was difficult to chose just one to bring home. 

This little painted snowman is from St. Petersburg, Russia

This metal ornament from Germany unfortunately blends into the tree and does not stand out very much. I have to remember where I placed it, or it might get left on the tree when I put everything away in January. 

I have several of these ornaments now. They come from a gift shop in my neighborhood. They are made from old photographic slides. A piece from a Christmas card is cut to fit where the photo was and they are bedazzled with glitter and a bauble attached. I think they are so clever! 
I have not visited the Almanzo Wilder Homestead (yet), but my friend, Lea did and she gave me this ornament as a memento

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