Monday, April 07, 2014

Monday's Postcard 2014: Places I have not been YET

Hard to believe, such great destinations here in the USA!! And I have still not been

maybe this will be the year!!


Rabid Quilter from California said...

If that second postcard is also Yosemite, I have no idea where it is--and I've been there dozens of times! Yes, you really MUST go and hike the Vernal Falls trail. I'd suggest September or October, not summer!


Amanda from Seattle said...

Second postcard is falling waters. The frank Lloyd wright house

Bethany Lee said...

Amanda, That's too funny! Of all the places I've travelled around the world, I haven't been to either of those yet either!!! I've driven by both of them several times but have never been able to stop & visit them, despite being a FLW fan & crazy about National Parks. Someday, just not this year as I have no plans to return to the US this year. ;)

Amanda from Seattle said...

Exactly Bethany. It is inconceivable that I have not been to either place. I've been to many other FLW properties. And Ryan and I camped at Kings Canyon /Sequoia. So close but yet so far!!! But I might get to Yosemite this fall!!!