Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Ornaments: Handmade is Best!

Last year I blogged about my Christmas ornaments and it was so popular, that I am going to do it again this year.

White Wreath shows up better on Green Tree

Crocheted wreaths with shells

I have so many ornaments, there are too many for one tree. And I only have one small tree! So each year, I rotate my ornaments and put up different ones. So this year, I picked some ornaments that were not on the tree last year.

Wooden Mice

My Mom took a class in smocking and made this ornament
My Granny made these little baby Jesus ornaments in Ceramics
This Angel is made from an Antique Handkerchief
Stained Glass
These colors show up really nicely on a Green Tree
This Crawfish and Iguana are made from straw and come from Central America
Gourd Santa

Wooden Leaf from Vermont

As I was going through my ornaments, I realized that the majority are handmade. They are either made by myself and my family and friends or I tend to purchase handmade ornaments. I guess I like them better than the mass-produced ones. I love the originality and the diversity that the hand crafted ornaments represent.


Anonymous said...

jankSW39Mine are all hand made by me, the family or friends. A few purchased too. I have a 10' tree. They all fit. The best trees bring back memories of the past. Larvalady_ZZ

Unknown said...

We love the 8 bit Santas you made!
~ The Wolf Family