Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday's Postcard: One of my Oldest

The undivided back of this postcard says "This side is exclusively for the address"

This is one of my oldest cards. It is from Niagara Falls, Canada and features the Legend of the White Canoe.
It is a postcard with an undivided back. The entire back of the postcard was for the address and stamp. The front of the card would have the picture and a space for writing your message. Although, not always would there be space for your message, this is why you see many postcards of this era with writing on top of the photo or picture of the card. In 1907, they began producing divided back postcards which made it possible to put the address and message together on the back of the card. It prevented the face of the card from being written on and used cards became more collectible as a result. So I can date this postcard as being pre-1907.

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Krafty Kat said...

This is a fabulous card! I am jealous.