Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday's Postcard: Cats

Cats from Grandmother Arkebauer --She often sent Mainzer Cats cards to me and my sister and the notes on the back would correspond with something that was going on in our lives. The cats falling off the floating dock has a note on the back about my Dad building a dock behind our house in North Carolina. The cats at the piano has a note reminding me to practice my piano exercises (yes, I took piano lessons when I was a kid).

The cats with the airplanes are among my favorites --they refer to visits to or from Grandmother (she would fly to North Carolina or we would fly to Indiana)

The Alfred Mainzer Company has published these cards for 50-60 years. These funny cats are drawn by European artist Eugen Hartung. The images were popular and used on postcards which are still sold today. They are usually called Mainzer Cats after the name of the publisher.

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Anonymous said...

My sister and I loved these postcards when we were little. We collected them. There is also a series like these of dog pictures.
Larva Lady-ZZ