Friday, December 07, 2012

Wild Card: Istanbul

A friend sent me this postcard from Turkey, still on my "to do" list.   Ryan has already been, something he likes to lord over me. It is pretty rare when he can say he has been somewhere that I have not! So he really likes to milk it for all it's worth. :-)


Ryan said...

I've even been INSIDE the Blue Mosque! =)

But without my shoes. They wouldn't let me walk in with shoes on. *shrug*

-- Ryan

Lea said...

I'll lord it over you that I've been there too - even spent 2 weeks in 1987 there because I loved it so. Probably wouldn't have discovered this jewel if I hadn't been inspired by Mysterious Mannequin

Amanda from Seattle said...

See, all you folks that think I am well traveled....I have barely scratched the surface of this amazing planet! :-) so many places to see and so little time! Gotta make the most of it