Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday's Postcard: Mexico

From my Granny, the mountains in Mexico. Is it any wonder I have the wanderlust when so many of my family members traveled so extensively!!

 And for Ryan's Progress...he is most likely in Santiago de Compostela today!! On 10/5, he was only 3 days walk away. But you know Ryan, he isn't really stopping there, he plans to continue on to the ocean, like they do in the movie, The Way.

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A = Le Puy on 8/12 B= Aumont-Aubrac pm 8/14 C=Aubrac on 8/15 D= Figeac on 8/19 E=Cahors on 8/22 F=Moissac on 8/24 G= Auvillar on 8/25 H= MontrĂ©al-du-Gers, France on 8/28 I= Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France on 9/4 J= Pamplona, Spain on 8/8 K= Estella, Spain on 8/10 L= Santo Domingo, Spain on 8/14 M= Burgos, Spain on 9/17 N= Villalcazar de Sirga, Spain on 9/20 O= Sahagun, Spain on 9/22 P= Calzadilla de lost Hermanillos on 9/23 Q= Mansilla de los Mullas on 9/24 R= Leon on 9/25 S= Molinaseca on 9/28 T= Triacastela on 10/2 U= Palas de Rei on 10/5

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