Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday's Postcard: Kauai

The year is 1978 and my parents and my sister and I traveled to Kauai, Hawaii. It was awesome.
I was 12 years old and my previous knowledge of Hawaii was from the Brady Bunch episode where they are cursed by the Tiki and Nancy Drew's adventures finding the Secret of the Golden Pavilion! It was so exotic, it delivered on all my expectations!


Girlguides said...

It's our favorite island in Hawaii - now we need to go back!

Anonymous said...

My visit to Kauai was way too long ago and a return visit is past being way overdue... ahhh... *sigh* .... Thank you for bringing back those awesome memories and my visit too was magical!


Anonymous said...

Honeymooned on this island. MAGICAL!

DC Stones

Tink of T-N-T said...

Kauai is definitely our favorite Hawaiian island hands down! Have vacationed there several times and plan to go several more times before we die! Have photographed this scene a couple of times :). Aloha!