Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday's Postcard: The Alamo

San Antonio, Texas and the Alamo! One of my all time favorite layovers, that I never get anymore. This postcard is from my visit there in July of 1994 and I really miss spending time in that town. I was there for New Year's Eve once too and it was quite fun.

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sarcasmo said...

Your postcard postings are fun. San Antonio brings back some crazy memories...Durty Nelly's family reunion, father in law ballerina dance, bro in law "watch out for your wiiiiiives....along the Riverwalk, days spent at place! The walls of the Alamo are pocked with bullet holes. It's so impressive to see the inside and to see flags from all the states and countries representing the volunteers, some from as far away as Ireland.
Sarcasmo AQ