Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday's Postcard: Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Okay, this card is from Boston from 1982 and shows the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. One of my favorite places to shop and eat in Boston. My parents were vacationing there without me...1982 would have made me 16 years old, I was probably having a wild party at the house while they were gone.


Cock o the Trail said...

Just found your Monday postcards, Amanda . . . . nice idea. Visited Stowe years ago when an icy crust was the scene; it wore the edges off our XC skis! Was scheduled for St. Martin two years ago when a death in the family intervened. Don't think that airport beach is any asset, but the rest of the island seemed an inviting experience.

Anonymous said...

Love the postcards! Keep posting!