Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas in West Seattle

I love spending Christmas at home and luckily we have Seattle layovers during the holidays, so I can combine work with pleasure! Last week I was supposed to work a flight to Paris, but the Seattle to Philadelphia flight had a mechanical and I was forced to stay home. I made lemons out of lemonade by going down to Alki Beach to see the Christmas Ships. Onboard the ships, they have choirs singing Christmas Carols and on the shore there is a bonfire and often the local Starbucks will be providing hot drinks. You can pay to ride on the ships and even have dinner. Or if you have your own boat, you can put lights all over it and come along, making it a lighted boat parade! It is great fun to go out and see the lighted ships come up to shore and hear the music.

This week, I was home on a layover and I was supposed to work the flight back to Philadelphia overnight. However, the major snow storms on the east coast forced the airline to cancel our flight and I got to spend another evening at home. Again in an effort to make lemons out of lemonade, I took an evening stroll around my neighborhood to see the Christmas Lights!

My neighborhood is always full of lights during the holidays, almost every house is covered in colored lights and the yard displays are wonderfully fun!

There is lots of variety.

This year there is also a house that has one of those systems that matches the lights to music. You can watch the lights flash around to Christmas Songs. Here are a couple of videos of that house!

Some of my favorite house displays have more retro decorations.

I love this Santa with his sleigh and reindeer!

And these cute little snowmen.


Stacy Christian said...

Very nice! There is a house near us that has a programmed display every year. They do it to raise money for a local food bank. Here is a link if you're interested:

Jarna said...

I too love the snowmen, thanks for sharing.